Digital Marketing Agency in Wilmington, NC

When looking for a marketing agency, you want to find one that has the experience and proven track record of delivering results. Wilmington can be a competitive city for business and our team can work with you to achieve your goals.

Mercury is an affordable firm that works with our clients to deliver creative online campaigns for our clients. Throughout North Carolina we serve our customers by learning where their target consumers go for answers. 

Web Design Services in Wilmington

A website should be professional looking and represent your brand well. While we do provide creative website designs, we never sacrifice effectiveness. After all, this is a business tool. It is meant to compel visitors to be customers.


We draw upon our experience in working with hundreds of clients over the years and researching best practices to deliver websites that both look good and achieve your goals.

We provide WordPress, Shopify, Wix and many other hosting platforms. Which one is right for you depends on your business needs.

Wilmington SEO Services

Our team determines what people are searching for online and develops a content strategy that will get your website to rank in Google and Bing! People are constantly searching for terms online that relate to your business and it is our job to get you in front of them.

SEO consists of hundreds of ranking factors and our team is constantly researching and keeping up with the industry. We do this to produce results for our customers and help them to achieve their objectives.

Social Media Marketing Services

For businesses that are in need of social media maintenance, we have set packages for you. We will select the two platforms (Usually Facebook and Instagram) that are most important to you. We will create a content calendar and post a few times per month to keep your feeds fresh and provide an online presence for your customers.

Companies that are looking to expand their reach through social require a customized marketing strategy. Our team will do the research on you as well as your competitors in Wilmington and develop a plan for engagement. We will actively build a following that will increase brand awareness and bring in new clients. We can provide a mixture of organic and paid ad campaigns and do all of the creative for you.

If you are looking for a new marketing agency and would like to have a discussion, use our online calendar and find a time convenient for you. Or if you just have a question, you can fill out our form below.