Web Design Services in Raleigh

For any business, your website tells the world about you and what your company offers. Let us help you to tell that story.

Mercury provides you with years of industry experience in being able to design and develop an impactful online presence that will capture your branding. Our team will take you through a process and produce a website that is not only visually impressive, but will be an effective marketing tool.

Mobile Friendly Website Design

Your website is a representation of you and your business online. It should present the quality that you provide the marketplace and should make clear what you offer. Our team has worked with companies from a variety of industries in bringing this message forward for our clients and we can do the same for you.

Our Design Process

We rely heavily on best practices for what constitutes a well planned layout for building a site. But we also want to keep in mind that this website belongs to our customers. Because of this, our goal is that you will be just as satisfied with the final product as we are.

Our first step is to review your existing website. We determine what elements were effective and analyze which elements were advantageous to its success. This is also the perfect time to find out what our clients did not like about the site and what they would have preferred if they could have changed it.

Second, a discussion occurs with your team regarding the purpose of the new site. Oftentimes companies put up websites because they needed to be “on the web”. But as time goes by they found both prospects and existing customers utilized the website in many different ways; such as finding product information, customer support and even placing orders online. We delve into and present the possibilities and let you, the customer, decide.

This is also helpful in determining how the website can perform for the clients needs. If it is a lead generation website, what are the most important call to actions? Should people call or do you prefer contact form requests? Perhaps your ultimate goal is for people to show up at a retail location.

Next we move into creating a sitemap. That is determining what pages are needed and how they should be organized. This usually includes adding new ones since many websites tend not to be updated over time and information is often outdated or simply missing.

A well thought out content roadmap will drive more qualified traffic to your site and often alleviate much of the customer service calls from those that may visit your website now but not find what they are looking for.

Once we have captured your branding, built a fresh, SEO friendly website and strategically set up all of your new content, we launch the new site. Please know that we are a search engine optimization company as well and will take care in making sure that Google will still retain the SEO value of your domain.

If you would like to schedule a call to discuss your website project, use our online calendar and find a time convenient for you. Or if you have a question, you can fill out our form below.