Social Media Marketing in Raleigh

Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin. Businesses spend lots of time trying to figure out how these platforms work and wonder if their competitors are driving revenue and leads from these marketing efforts.

If you are one of these business owners, know that some social media platforms are better for certain industries than others. It really depends on the creativity of the campaigns and the tactics used to get your posts in front of the right consumers.

A Web 2.0 Strategy

There is no single strategy for businesses on Social. You have to consider the individual platform and the end consumer to determine a roadmap of success.

When considering Facebook verses Twitter for example. The right tweet can catch a lot of attention and be shared quite a bit increasing the reach tremendously. On the other hand, Facebook limits their organic reach through their algorithms and having a post go “viral” does not happen as often as it used to.

On the flip side, Facebook does provide other mechanisms such as their Groups where people of like minds can share and consume topic related matter. This really just does not exist on Twitter.

Knowing the use of hashtags, paid advertising and influencers can be daunting if you do not log into Social Media very often or have never utilized it for business use.

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Are consumers skeptical of your content because it is a paid ad?

We Work with Small Business to Drive Results

Getting to know your business, gaining an understanding of who your clients are and most importantly, learning where they like to consume information allows us to develop a plan for you.

Video, Creative images, and a content strategy. We help you to navigate these online platforms and on a monthly basis provide you with reporting on activities and results.

During these meetings we also discuss the ongoing research that is conducted and continually provide a plan for the upcoming months.

If you would like to schedule a call to discuss your Social Media project, use our online calendar and find a time convenient for you. Or if you have a question, you can fill out our form below.