Search Engine Optimization Services in Raleigh

In order for your website to rank on Google, you need an SEO strategy and an understanding of how search engines work.

There are lots of technical elements that marketers delve into when conducting an audit for websites. But at its center, the most important ingredients for search engine optimization are:

Content creation

Backlinks from other websites

How Search Works

When Google or one of the other search engines read your website, they pick up on all of the content and store it in in their index. When someone enters a search term, Google process the request and matches your web page against a multitude of other similar pages.

One of the ways they determine which is most relevant is through the use of signals. Backlinks, especially from other websites, can deliver many of these signals.

These algorithms are far more complex than this simple analogy represents, but it does illustrate our approach.

pillars of seo - content and backlinks

How We Optimize Websites

Before creating a plan, we discuss the goals with our clients. The more specificity we have in what an ideal visitor would be looking for on your website, the more we can customize our approach.

The content on your website will determine what type of traffic you receive from Google

We then do an analysis of what keyword terms your website currently ranks for. We then determine the keywords that we would also like to rank for. After reviewing these lists with our client, we then match them up with the pages that exist and ones that should exist.

At the same time we dive in and look at the websites that link to yours and do the same for your competitors. This gives us an understanding of what opportunities exist of having these referring sites linking to yours and what content on your competitors websites attract these same links.

Implementing a Content Plan and Backlink Strategy

We then update the old content and create new pages. Our experienced marketers optimize these pages and then continue to monitor the results as time goes by.

Our backlink builders conduct outreach campaigns to entice other webmasters and publishers to link to your content pages.

The Technical Side of SEO

Having a plan is great, but from time to time, there can still be issues with a website or hosting that are causing issues for the search engines. That is why we check page performance, speed, readability, mobile friendliness and a number of other issues that can sometimes be a hinderance for Google.

Reporting For Our Clients

There is a lot of data that is generated from website traffic. At times it can be overwhelming and some companies can find it difficult to receive the information that they need.

Our marketing managers determine early on from our clients what data is important to them and provide monthly reports. We also have a conference call each month to go over and explain how these reports relate to their website performance.

During these meetings we also discuss the ongoing research that is conducted and continually provide a plan for the upcoming months.

If you would like to schedule a call to discuss your SEO project, use our online calendar and find a time convenient for you. Or if you have a question, you can fill out our form below.