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Generating New Clients As A Realtor

Real Estate agents are some of the most motivated sales people. When starting out, most are usually working for 100% commission and have to generate all of their own leads, at least for the most part. This can make an opportunity for large rewards seem like a daunting challenge.

This is not to say that assistance does not exist. A lot of the larger agencies provide guidance on how to build up leads and attract both buyers and sellers. The only trouble is that it is very generic and all of the same information is given to all of the realtors.

I will not sugarcoat this. Generating leads is really, really hard in real estate. That is why so many drop out of the profession in the first two years.

It Is All About Who Knows You

If I went out on the street today and asked five people to name a few local Realtors, who do you think they would name? The fact is that you’d probably hear a few of the same names. It is not even likely that these people have met them or done business with them.

How did they come up with these realtors? Because they do know them. They have probably seen them on a billboard, heard them on the radio and on television. News paper reporters have probably interviewed them and their faces are probably all around town on For Sale signs.

Develop Your Own Personal Brand To Get Clients As A Real Estate Agent

Creating A Personal Brand as a Realtor

To be frank, most recommendations are about tactics.How to generate leads, run ads, hold open houses for other realtors to engage with people coming through the door. These are all activities that should be performed and done well. But the real success that separates those that drop out in the first two years and the ones that go on to make real estate a success are those that build personal brands.

You know them because they may have been the ones that inspired you to take the steps in the first place.

“If he or she could do it, why not me?”

Without a lot of research, you may not realized all the marketing effort that went into making there name a local household name.

The internet has allowed people to create their personal brand at a far lower cost than years before and to be quite honest, most of the people that have built their own brands up over the year have not kept up with these trends as much as would be expected.

This means there is a lot of opportunity for a new Realtor just starting out.

What It Takes To Make Your Name Known

Social Media can be a big key to these goals. When executed well; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and even LinkedIn can help you get the word out and allow you to define who you are and what type of business you want to attract.

How? Know what it is you want to focus on and create. You know all of those conversations you have and all of the things you think about in your head? Get them on video, take photos, write short articles, create memes, put together statistics and the list goes on.

All of the things you think people already know, but it into a format of some sort and get it online. Now none of this is easy and it even feels unfamiliar at first. Practice makes perfect though and after a while, I assure you it will come naturally. Let’s look at what is needed to make a social media brand successful.

The Internet Is The Great Equalizer

In years past, the recommendation would have been to do the same once you have built up your business and had cash for marketing. Over the years though, many real estate agents have come to embrace the opportunities that online provide.

No longer is the cost of entry high. Within five minutes people can have a Facebook page up and running. In twenty minutes they can start gaining followers and not too long after that they could be posting in local groups to start down the road of building your personal brand.

It is not so much about having an expensive logo. It is getting people to remember you and think of you when they consider buying or selling and being the name someone remembers when asked, “do you know a Realtor?”

TV, Radio, Print are all expensive media and you get very few variations of your message. The internet through your website and social media provide you the opportunity to get your message out to many in multiple forms. The best part is most of it is free.

I don’t want to seem like I am overselling it, but you already know that I am right.

What is Needed To Run Social Media

  • I’d first like to preface this by saying at first, you may be doing most if not all of this by yourself. Utilize whatever resources you can at whatever low cost you can…because you should do as much as you can. Spend $5 on Fiverr, ask your teenager to help with some or partner with another realtor that has skill sets you lack. Design/Creative – You really do want this coming from you. Creating this yourself builds the authenticity behind the brand. It also reinforces it because it is your face, your voice, your personality and your ideas behind it.
  • Writing – Taking your words and reworking into short mentions, blog articles, and other formats to get the messaging across.
  • Photo/Video – Whether a Facebook live, extracting images for informational memes or cutting up video into bite sized clips. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it has to be done.
  • Managing the Social Media Channels – Understanding how each channel works and how to get the most reach for each one takes research. But don’t let this stop you from getting started and to learn on the way.

At this point, we haven’t even mentioned Paid Ads. When a realtor starts out, they usually (I stress usually) have more time than budget. What I am describing is having your organic reach stretch as far as it can before putting money behind ads. You will eventually wan to run ads. But even then, you will still wan to bolster that organic (free) side of social media.

How To Start Creating Content as a Real Estate Agent

If you want a lot of people to see and hear bout you, then you need to start producing. That is the cost of being free. It takes time but think about how many people have moved from radio ads and newspapers to burying their nose in their phone? And of that time, more than half is spent on Social Media.

If you want to get in front of as many eyes as possible, your gonna need to create more than five posts per month and your gonna have to do the work to get them in front of those people.

Being everywhere doesn’t cost a lot, but it does require time and a commitment.

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